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Champions Humiliated at Fulham

Posted in Football,Premier League by SuperRon on December 21, 2009

Manchester United were handed a lesson at Fulham on Saturday and look far from the team that has won three titles on the bounce. Is the fragile defence the problem or are there greater problems at the Old Trafford Club.

This was Manchester United’s 5th defeat of the season and we are only half way through. This is as many defeats as they had in the whole of last season. Many people are pointing to the injury crisis affecting their defenders and that they are having to resort to playing midfielders in defence. This can be part of the reason for conceding goals but Man Utd were also lacking any sort of attacking threat and I can not recall any real chance on the Fulham goal.

What does everyone else think, is it just a temporary blip until the defenders are fit again, or are there more underlying problems at Old Trafford?

Champions League Draw

Posted in Champions League,Football,Sport by SuperRon on December 18, 2009

Here is the draw for the 2nd round of the Champions League.

Stuttgart V Barcelona
Olympiakos V Bordeaux
Inter Milan V Chelsea
Bayern Munich V Fiorentina
CSKA Moscow V Seville
Lyon V Real Madrid
FC Porto V Arsenal
AC Milan V Man Utd

Undoubtedly the pick of the ties has to be, Jose Mourinho’s return to Chelsea, and David Beckham’s return to Old Trafford. Beckham has not been back to Old Trafford since his departure in 2003. I’m sure he will be welcomed back by the Man Utd fans though, as he was one of the most popular players ever to wear the Man Utd shirt.

What ties are everyone else looking forward to watching, and do you think they could be any upsets?

Welcome to the Sport Wrangle

Posted in Uncategorized by SuperRon on December 17, 2009

Most days I find myself trawling through the various on-line newspapers and sport websites looking at the recent sport news. I have always enjoyed commenting on the articles and having debates with other sport fans in the comments section. Recently though sites such as Yahoo Sports and others seem to be infected with people that know nothing about the articles they are commenting on and just write mindless comments insulting other participators.

This is the reason for creating this blog, as I hope it to be a site where people can come and have a healthy debate on the most recent sport stories and not have to trawl through 150 comments asking them to come find them on various dating websites!

I hope you enjoy reading and contributing to the debate.


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